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AD FastReporter makes generating, storing, scheduling, and sharing AD reports easier and faster, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Get your report in three easy steps:
  1. Search or browse to find the report form you need.
  2. Customize report fields.
  3. Press ‘Generate’ and sit back while the AD FastReporter creates the report.

Customize Your Reports

With our Pro version, you can create your own customized report forms to meet your specific reporting needs.

The built-in filter manager will help you quickly and easily create even complicated report filters using AND/OR conditions and criteria grouping.

Save Time and Money

AD FastReporter saves valuable time for you and your business, without requiring any knowledge of scripting or LDAP.

Spend less time generating reports and more time analyzing the data and making informed decisions.

Key features

Export Reports

AD FastReporter Pro lets you export reports in seven formats, including CSV, Excel, PDF, XML, ODS, JSON, and HTML.

Report Storage

AD FastReporter's built-in local database and engine automatically store your custom report forms and generated reports for secure and hassle-free report storage. You can easily turn off this feature if you prefer.

Automate Report Generation

AD FastReporter Pro automates report generation and distribution with customizable tasks, including connection, report form, export options, and email options. With a task ID, you can perform tasks via the Windows command line, saving time and streamlining the report process.

Custom Fields

AD FastReporter 2023 allows you to add custom fields to your reports beyond the standard fields available in the tool. It's a simple process of specifying the field's name, description, LDAP attribute, and field type, and choosing which report categories the field will be available in. This enables you to create custom reports with all the necessary information.

Calculated Attributes

AD FastReporter 2023 has unique calculated attributes not found in other tools or PowerShell commands, enabling quick report generation with specific information. It provides a full list of built-in fields for easy access to relevant fields. View full built-in field list.

Fast and Efficient

AD FastReporter 2023: fast, reliable, and efficient reporting with unparalleled speed, even for large Active Directory object counts. Minimizing LDAP requests to domain controllers means generating reports in a fraction of the time compared to other tools, without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Custom Reports

AD FastReporter Pro simplifies the process of creating custom reports with its intelligent filter manager. Modify one of the 250 built-in report forms or create a report from scratch to match your specific requirements with ease.

Email Support

AD FastReporter 2023 simplifies report sharing with its email support feature. You can quickly send reports directly from the application as email messages or attachments in formats such as CSV, Excel (XLSX), and HTML. This feature streamlines communication processes, saving you time and effort.


AD FastReporter 2023 provides accurate reporting on your Active Directory environment by processing all field values with information from official Microsoft resources. With support for various field types, including inherited memberships and non-replicated attributes, you can trust that your reports will provide you with reliable and up-to-date information.

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I downloaded this and ran a few reports. It's very fast and lightweight. Most of the reports are something that I could do myself by building my own export scripts, but each report would take some time to develop on my own.
I am impressed with the ease of building/modifying reports. It's really simple to add/remove Active Directory fields and apply filters to the reports.
It only took a few minutes for me to realize the value. I went ahead and purchased and this is going to be a real time-saver for my admin toolbox!
--David from TX, United States (Source)

I have tested your tool and have found it to be quite useful for the general type of reports one may need to run . The mix of built in reports is quite comprehensive.I like that you have added export to Excel which is missing from other AD reporting tools I have tried.
Keep up the good work.
--Waynne, Netcare

The report I like the most is finding “last logon time”, “last logon machine” and etc. This requires accessing all domain controller hence it has been written to the job neatly. In addition, it has a database that keeps track all your report hence if you schedule it to run every day, you will know on a daily/weekly basis what account has been created and make awareness until it is too late. I think for me, it is a great tool to keep track what has changed and the result was kept every day.
--Jian An Lim, Ensyst

More happy customers

Built-in report forms

User report category


User status (inactive, locked out, disabled, etc.), recently modified, without a thumbnail photo, bad password attempts in the last 30 days, must change the password, logged on in the last 30 days, password never expires, recently created, and more.
Check out the full list of user reports.

Computer report category


Created in the last 30 days, modified in the last 7 days, with Windows 10 OS, computer status (deleted, disabled, inactive, unmanaged, etc.), and more.
Check out the full list of computer reports.

Group report category


All security groups, all distribution groups, groups without members, managed and unmanaged groups, and more.
Check out the full list of group reports.

Exchange report category


Mail enabled users, users with delegates, users who accepts messages from everyone, and more.
Check out the full list of exchange reports.

Contact report category


All contacts, contacts created in the last 30 days, contacts without description, and more.
Check out the full list of contact reports.

Printer report category


Black/white printers, color printers, printers without location, and more.
Check out the full list of printer reports.

GPO report category

Group Policy Objects

All settings disabled GPOs, not linked GPOs, GPOs created in the last 30 days, and more.
Check out the full list of GPO reports.

OU report category

Organizational Units

Managed OUs, OUs without members, OUs created in the last 30 days, and more.
Check out the full list of OU reports.

Software Requirements

Supports Windows OS Windows operating system starting from Windows 7 and above (including Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022).
Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6 (LTS) - here is how to install .NET on Windows and here is the download link.

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