Effortlessly Export and Share Active Directory Reports with AD FastReporter

Make reporting a breeze with AD FastReporter. Effortlessly export reports in various formats such as CSV, Excel (XLSX), PDF, XML, ODS, JSON, and HTML. You can even send reports directly from AD FastReporter via email. Sharing important information with your team or stakeholders has never been easier.

AD FastReporter Export Reports

Multiple Export Formats

Choose from a variety of export formats for your reports. Whether you need CSV, Excel (XLSX), PDF, XML, ODS, JSON, or HTML, AD FastReporter has you covered.

Email Reports Directly

Send reports directly from AD FastReporter as an email message or attachment. Share important information quickly and easily, without needing to switch to other software.

Streamlined Reporting

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually creating reports. With AD FastReporter, you can generate, export, and share reports with ease. Spend less time on reporting and more time on what really matters.

Ready to Streamline Your Active Directory Reporting?

Experience the convenience of AD FastReporter's export and sharing features. Download the free version or request a trial key to unlock Pro features for 7 days. Simplify your Active Directory reporting with Albus Bit.

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