AD FastReporter 2023 Printer Fields

Description displayed on admin screens.

Name to be displayed on admin screens.

A list of printer bin names.

TRUE if a printer can print in color.

Name of the object in canonical format, e.g.

The name that represents an object.

The date when this object was created.

If TRUE, this object has been marked for deletion and cannot be instantiated. After the tombstone period has expired, it will be removed from the system.

The LDAP API references an LDAP object by its distinguished name (DN). A DN is a sequence of relative distinguished names (RDN) connected by commas.

The device driver name.

The version number of the device driver.

Indicates the type of duplex support a printer has.

To be used by the object to store bit information.

The Distinguished Name (DN) of the last known parent of an orphaned object.


The amount of memory installed in a printer.

The date when this object was last changed. This value is not replicated and exists in the global catalog.

Object name.

The display name of an attached printer.

An object class name used to group objects of this or derived classes.

The list of classes from which this class is derived.

Gets this entry's parent in the Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy. Return parent name if it is a container.

Gets this entry's parent name in the Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy.

Gets this entry's parent in the Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy. Return parent name if it is an organizational unit.

Returns the full OU name in reverse order.

List of port names. For example, for printer ports or COM ports.

TRUE if a printer has collating bins.

The time a print queue stops servicing jobs.

TRUE if printed jobs are kept.

The page rotation for landscape printing.

Driver-supplied print rate in pages per minute.

Driver-supplied print rate.

Driver-supplied print rate unit.

A string that represents the type of printer spooling. Possible values: PrintDirect, PrintWhileSpooling, PrintAfterSpooled.

TRUE if the printer supports stapling. Supplied by the driver.

The time a print queue begins servicing jobs.


The name of a server.

The printer's share name.

Pre-Windows 2000 compatible server name for print servers.

The universal naming convention name for shared volumes and printers.


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